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Nature Is Calling You

Get Soul-Anchored at The Porte

"By discovering nature, you discover yourself."


Porte View Meadows

Design your ideal outdoor soiree amongst this 2 acre open green canvas.  A great space for relaxation, as well as entertaining recreational activity.  This green space offers a picturesque pond-scape, botanical cozy corners and shady groves for all your nature loving experiences.

The Porte Focus Lounge

This lounge is an intimate space to hold small to medium gatherings maxing at 75 for theater seating and 25-30 for recreational activity.  This space is multi purposed to accommodate fitness classes, meetings, weddings, and explorative engaging activities like painting, crafting, candle making, farm to table workshops and more!  The space is yours and the possibilities are endless. 

The PorteYard

The PorteYard is an outdoor extension of The Porte Focus Lounge offering expanded space and seating for an additional 100 guests in our beautiful serene courtyard.  This open air enclosure is an elegant addition to the lounge's intimate indoor event space.  With natural light and view of the natural arboretum as its backdrop, the PorteYard is an enchanting location for all the fun you have planned!

Ubuntu Garden @ The Porte

The garden is Soul-Fuel and the home to lots of blooming flowers and nutrient rich edibles, along with all their partners in growth like, bugs, bees, and birds who call the garden their home.  The garden is a living example of the Ubuntu philosophy in that, "I Am because We Are".  At The Porte, we understand that we are better individuals when we accept that as a COMMUNITY, we can do far greater things TOGETHER!  This space is also ideal for small events, picnics, Yoga, meditation and relaxation.

Porte Trails

Do you want to get up close and personal with nature and wildlife?  if so, you will enjoy our Porte Trails!  come and enjoy 2 miles of exploration through our native arboretum full of pines, beach, cherry and Sweetgum trees flanked by a confluence of natural streams that offers great opportunities to witness manmade waterfalls and bubbling fern gullies for our nature trail enthusiasts! photo ops are next level for sure!  

The power of community to create health is far greater than any physician, clinic or hospital.


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